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Meet Justin


Justin moved to Texas after proudly serving his country for five years in the U.S. Army. As a fifth-generation home builder, with a customer-centric background, he decided that real estate was a great fit for him as a new career path. Thriving in a fast-paced environment, the Austin market proved to be a great place for Justin to propel his career.


As an Austin Texas real estate agent Justin aims for constant personal growth and improvement in order to perfect his trade of real estate. Working with some of the nation’s top business coaches, he is able to create a seamless process making sure his clients make a wise investment while having an excellent customer service experience. Working with mainly sellers, buyers, new construction and the hot Austin relocation sector. Justin’s vast experience in the Austin market will play a vital part for all types of clients. Justin not only strives for a high level of service but also long term relationships with his clients on different levels whether personal or business.



His family consists of an amazing wife which was born and raised in the Philippines. With the uncanny knowledge to cook anything and with passion. His son, Achilles, a world champion qualifying golfer and joking personality keeps the family on their toes. His oldest daughter Kiyora with an amazing heart and talent for art inspires us all and then his devoted middle daughter that excels in the math and science field will surely be successful in her future.

All of Justins’ family members embrace a strong work ethic, values and gratefulness that could fill the world.

Let’s not forget the family puppies Athena and Ajax which are surely the most spoiled out of all of them.